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Hire Our Professional WordPress Website Designers

At Pix, we use the most popular, easy-to-use, and flexible website creation tool: WordPress. For years, we have created websites using our detailed knowledge of WordPress plug-ins and designs. We build all of our client’s websites in WordPress which has allowed us to keep up with the ever-developing options and features available on this platform. We are experienced WordPress website designers. All of our work is professional and driven by your vision for your business.

What’s So Great About WordPress?

We use WordPress for many reasons. It is the best platform we have found that gives our clients almost unlimited options for their website’s features. Also, we use WordPress to help boost your business site’s ranking in the search engine results. There are several plug-ins available that Thrive website designers are competent in using to accomplish this. In addition to being flexible and efficient, WordPress is easy to use for people who don’t have technical experience. You don’t have to know anything about complicated codes to update your site. This makes WordPress a perfect solution for our non-technical clients.

Outstanding In-House Design Team

Our WordPress web design team is in-house which saves money for our clients. The design staff at Thrive is knowledgeable in all the ins and outs of WordPress design. Working with so many clients and analyzing the traffic and other data, we know what works to grow a business and what doesn’t attract any customers. We also keep up with the different options that are available through WordPress. This gives our clients the ability to focus on their business rather than learning the ever-developing tactics of WordPress web design.

Our Knowledge Gives You Options

One complaint that we hear about other website design companies is that their options are limited. When business owners request special features they see on a competitor’s site, they are told they cannot add it to their site. This is often because a website is often only limited by the knowledge of the WordPress website designer. We have several years of experience with WordPress web design. This experience gives us a wealth of knowledge that we use to offer our customers a wide variety of options for their sites. More options mean more opportunities to turn visiting customers into sales.

Driven by Your Vision

One of the secrets to our high satisfaction rate is the time we spend to understand the customer and their vision for their business. We take the time to sit down with every client so that we can get a good idea of the business, their passion, and their vision. We want to be sure we have a clear understanding about what our clients want their site to do. We go over with our clients the different options for plug-ins and other design features to make sure it is the right fit for their business. All of the work we do at Thrive is 100% customized to the client’s specifications. You give us your business’s vision; we will make it into a WordPress website.

Referrals are Based on Excellent Work and Customer Service

Because our designs stand out from other sites created by a less experienced WordPress website designer, business owners contact us after seeing work we did for other clients. We also get referrals from our clients because of our excellent customer service. Business owners who are tired of trying to figure out the most effective website design strategies come to us for help. Also, those who have worked with other website design companies who are tired of having a website that does not reflect their business’s goals find a better solution with Thrive.

Our clients love the fact that it is their vision driving everything we do for them. Also, we can give them so many options for the WordPress website because we are knowledgeable about the platform. If you would like more information about a WordPress website for your business, contact us today.


16 benefits of WordPress websites

Launching a business online is not easy, and since the initial investment is considerable, you may be tempted to try your luck on your own rather than work with professional web designers.

Even when you have your website built by professionals, if you plan to manage it on your own once it is ready, you should be the one making certain decisions like what content management system (CMS) to use.

Why? Because this decision will impact your website, its speed, look and functionality, and your activity. From this point of view, specialists recommend WordPress.

The History of WordPress

Back in 2001, B2-Cafelog was launched by French programmer Michel Valdrighi as a blogging platform using PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL (an open-source relational database management system). Two years later, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg took over the development and ended up co-founding the WordPress platform.

WordPress 0.7 was born in May 2003. In later years it was followed by updated versions that included theme systems, persistent caching, and better widgets. By 2016, WordPress 4.5 (Coleman) had added inline links, new formatting shortcuts, and responsive previews in the Customizer functions.

WordPress has been on the rise ever since it was first released, and for good reason.

Who Uses WordPress?

Today, WordPress is used by 31.9% of all the websites, that is a content management system market share of 59.4%.

Any content developer or marketer who has been around for a while knows that there are a variety of options when it comes to web design and blog platforms. There are so many website choices, both paid and free, and it may seem difficult to choose the right one for your need.

The last 15+ years have proven to be a time of positive growth for the blogging and web design, and these statistics back it up:

  • 400 million people view 24 billion pages hosted by WP every month
  • 70 million new posts and 47 million comments are made each month
  • WordPress blogs are written in over 120 languages, including Spanish and Dutch
  • WordPress users include CNN, TED, UPS, and CBS Radio

Over time, interest in WordPress has grown over that of Blogger, SharePoint, and Drupal, according to Google Trends. Beyond blogging, WordPress is also great for building a social network, fully functioning intranet and online business card themes.

And, with a variety of tools, plugins, and flexible features; WordPress is arguably the best publishing platform for web design in business.

Let’s dive into what WordPress has to offer for your business.

16 Benefits of WordPress

1. Simple and easy to use – This quality helped WordPress overcome competitors like Drupal or Joomla and become the favorite choice of web developers everywhere, eliminating the need to master HTML, CSS, PHP and other complicated technologies.

You don’t have to deal with any coding if you don’t want to.

You can choose from templates for WordPress websites or work with a professional web developer if you’re looking for a more custom and unique web design or require certain features.

This allows you to eliminate the time you’d spend learning website design and may give you time to devote to growing other areas of your business.

2. Stable and innovative – Similar to your phone, WordPress stays up-to-date with the latest technology, trends and user needs.

The function and purpose of a website can change over time, and thankfully, WordPress is up to that task.

Regular updates mean that the CMS stays relevant, problems are resolved, and new useful and exciting features are added regularly.

3. Attractive design options – WordPress comes with thousands of dedicated themes, many of them free, allowing you to customize and personalize your creation as you wish.

4. Flexibility – You can choose from around 22,000+ plugins and thousands of themes in order to give your website a new look or adapt it to the constantly changing trends of online media.

For example, for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), install the Yoast SEO plugin.

Or, perhaps remarketing on Facebook is something you’re after, PixelYourSite may be a plugin for you.

With other CMS’s installing specialized tools like these can be incredibly complicated. With WordPress, there’s a library of plugins with a variety of purposes can be installed in just a few minutes.

Make sure you read through the reviews and make sure it’s updated on a regular basis before installing it to your website.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – WordPress makes SEO a piece of cake, simplifying the use of H1, H2 and H3 tags, the use of keywords in your website URL, and supporting plug-ins like SEO Ultimate, All-In-One-SEO-Pack, Platinum SEO Pack, Yoast WordPress SEO, etc.

And, if you’re going to spend time building a website for your customers, you want to make sure they can find it, right?

6. Structure – One of the features that make WordPress SEO ready is its structure. Clean structure websites load faster, and fast loading websites appeal to visitors.

Then, WordPress allows the creation of XML sitemaps, telling Google’s bots where your website pages are and which are worth crawling. It will save you a fortune on web design SEO services.

7. Easy content management – Managing content has never been easier, and you can simplify things even more by assigning editors, authors, administrators and limiting their freedom.

If you can edit a Word document, you can edit content on your WordPress website.

8. Community – WordPress favors communities and membership-based websites and does not require special knowledge like proprietary software and other tools that internet website designers may use.

9. Sharing ability – Sharing is easier than ever in the huge WordPress community. You have widgets for the social media, plug-ins, APIs and everything you need to connect your social media accounts with your website and share your content on various platforms.

10. Open source – Open source software is software whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. As open source software, WordPress is being improved every day by thousands of developers around the world.

This has attracted developers to contribute new features to the platform. These developers have created a stream of new plugins that make WordPress more convenient and useful every day.

If there is a functionality that you need for your site, chances are there is a plugin in the WordPress directory that can do it.

Developers also work with graphic artists to create attractive themes, and many of these themes are either free or priced competitively.

Because of the strong community of innovative developers, WordPress websites can be as unique as the companies that use them.

11. Responsive – This CMS is your best choice if you want your website to adjust to the device it is accessed from and provide your visitors with an unforgettable experience, whether from smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

12. Functionality – While most HTML website builders include only basic functionality, WordPress takes the concept to a new level, offering themes and plug-ins that make it easy to customize your website and improve the user experience.

When you sign up for a WordPress website, there is no limit to how you can utilize the variety of plugins and themes. With a range of modern and contemporary themes, almost everyone can build a site for any type of business including:

  • Retail companies
  • Professional blogger
  • Job listings
  • Non-profits
  • Small business
  • Online communities

13. Application programming interfaces (APIs) – Social media networks offer APIs, allowing the integration of 3rd party services with user websites. WordPress makes available thousands of API’s, giving you the freedom to integrate outside resources into your website.

14. Scalability – If you only need a fast loading functional website in the beginning, things may change as your business grows and begins to thrive.

Web developers everywhere will confirm that WordPress allows you to create your own website’s network, fast and easy, saving time and resources.

15. Support – The WordPress community includes thousands of technicians and volunteers providing free advice and support on various forums. All you need to do is post your question and you will receive your answer in no time.

16. Speed and efficiency – As hard to believe as it may seem, WordPress allows you to build your website in as little as a single day, only requiring pictures and content.

Many may argue that there are other proprietary software options out there, and some of them offer most of the above benefits, but none of them will offer all at once, and none will rise to the value, flexibility and efficiency of WordPress.


10 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

Brands are always on the lookout for new ways to connect to their target audience easily and more effectively. Traditional methods are slowly being phased out by brands in favor of digital marketing.

Social media marketing has helped businesses from all niches gain traction for less marketing dollars spent, compared to some other marketing channels. One of the platforms that has seen a meteoric rise and offers consistent growth for business applications is Instagram. Instagram has a billion people logging in every month, which means it has enormous potential for any brand to find and connect to their audience.

Instagram For Business – What The Numbers Tell Us

Instagram has established its social media dominance for business over the years. Let’s take a look at a few incredible statistics that can further illustrate how effective Instagram can be for brands looking to expand their customer base.

  • 90% of the top 100 brands have an Instagram account
  • 80% of accounts follow a brand
  • 1 out of every 3 most viewed Story posts are by brands
  • 50% of all brands post one Story every month
  • 2 million monthly advertisers

All these numbers are proof of how powerful Instagram is as a business platform. If you are a brand owner, these figures should definitely make Instagram a much more appealing platform.

Using Instagram To Grow Your Business

Instagram is definitely one of the best social media platforms for brands to invest on in the future. Instagram has been touted as the fastest growing social network for business by many authority websites. Here are several strategies that are aimed at getting the most out of your Instagram business account:

1. Engagement With Your Audience

Engagement numbers are vital for improving your business. The long term goal of your brand’s social media account should be to draw in engagement rather than just followers. A brand needs to make sure that they interact with their audience for optimal engagement. Respond to their comments, include persuasive CTAs like “Click on,” “Subscribe to,” “register now” to get their attention.

2. Tell Your Brand “Story”

Instagram is a high engagement platform, but when they introduced Stories, the overall engagement grew even more. Instagram Stories are short video clips that only have a lifespan of 24 hours. Although first brought in by Snapchat, Instagram Stories found tremendous success with brands and users alike. Brands have been using Stories creatively to leverage customer interaction and sometimes even going viral.

3. Analyze Everything

When you are using Instagram for business, make sure that you record accurate metrics on everything to do with your brand in order to track your progress over time. There are several Instagram reporting tools that you can use to get the most out of your Instagram account and find what works best for your brand. We especially suggest tracking your followers and the referral traffic driven to your website from Instagram.

4. Craft a Strong Instagram Bio

An Instagram bio is where you need to get creative and let your audience know what your brand is about. You can showcase your brand’s personality here but remember not to go overboard with it. The key is to be faithful to your brand voice. You can include a URL here, so make sure you do. If it is too long, we suggest you use a URL shortener to make your bio seem more compact. A good Instagram bio is the ultimate CTA, so make sure you make it as attractive and clickable as possible.

5. Get Influencers

Influencer endorsements are one of the most powerful ways of growing a brand’s Instagram account. Influencers are people who have a lot of social media leverage with considerable follower numbers and engagement. However, it’s crucial to choose the right kind of influencer for your brand. Celebrity influencers might have a huge number of followers, but it is also important that they tie in with your brand. Micro/nano influencers might have lower follower numbers but often offer higher engagement rates and can be more specific to your brand niche.

6. Instagram Works Better With Others

Instagram is a social media platform that works and plays well with other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, if you’re able to connect them to your Instagram account, you’ll reach more people than just focusing on just the one platform. You have the option of posting automatically to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, to name a few so you can funnel in followers from those channels as well.

7. Follow a Posting Schedule

Another thing you need to focus on is to create and follow a consistent posting schedule. Find what topics and times work for your audience and make sure you stick to it. You don’t have to overwhelm your Instagram feed with posts, but don’t neglect to post for too long either. The key is to find the right balance between the two.

8. Get Your Audience Involved

One method to get content for your feed, as well as increasing your engagement, is to feature your audience images as well. For example, if you sell products, encourage your followers to upload pictures of themselves using your products by featuring them on your Instagram feed. You could also turn it into a contest which would attract even more users to your Instagram feed. User-generated content (UGC), when done right, offers benefits for the brand through increased engagement and reputation.

9. Quality Over Quantity

Be sure to always prioritize quality content, and never post just because you need to keep up with your posting schedule. Another mistake is to cram your posts with too many hashtags. While you can use up to 30 hashtags on a post, don’t feel the need to add that many. Only include a few, relevant hashtags when applicable, don’t force it! These mistakes can get posts classified as spam and “shadow-banned,” which means no one will be able to see them.

10. Consider Paid Options

While Instagram is an excellent organic advertising platform for business, there are powerful targeting tools when you opt for paid advertising on the platform. One such example is the ability to specifically target the age range of your audience to make sure your advertisements are better targeted. This can ensure that the content you create for that particular demographic has more chances of producing results.

While using Instagram can be a useful facet of your digital marketing strategy, it is definitely not something that can produce overnight results. However, as a platform, Instagram offers you a very powerful foundation from which you can reach out to your customers and other brands alike.


The Graphic Design Trends and Styles You Should Be Using Right Now

Did you know that 94% of consumers will leave a website with poor graphic design? That is a staggering percentage of potential customers to lose for any business, but even harsher for small to medium-sized ones.

How can you keep these customers engaged with your content and online properties? The answer is modern, clean, and trendy graphic design.

When growing a business you need to stay on top of the latest graphic design ideas. Here are the graphic design styles and trends you should be using right now.

1. Asymmetrical Layouts

An asymmetrical layout trend in graphic design is making a breakthrough in 2019. These layouts break free from any traditional design grid and flow to their own beat.

Asymmetrical by definition is “having parts which fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement; lacking symmetry.” These designs help to portray or evoke a movement or feeling in design that symmetrical layouts don’t exude.

You can still achieve balance in an asymmetrical design, and you should. It takes a careful layout and a creative eye to create compelling asymmetrical graphic design styles.

2. 3D Graphic Design Trends

If you think 3D is just for the movie theater then you need to think again. 3D is one of the hottest graphic design trends today. Consider toying with 3D designs and typography to achieve different moods.

A 3D design will help your product, brand, or ad pop out at your customer. Catching a customer’s eye can be difficult when scrolling through social media, flipping through direct mail or driving past storefronts.

The right graphic design professional can design 3D layouts and creative assets to accentuate your business in all the right ways. No 3D glasses required!

3. Warm Color Palettes

Warm color palettes are welcoming, modern, and sleek. A warm color palette can work with almost any business, product, or campaign.

Vintage hues elicit certain feelings of wistfulness and warmth. These color tones are often seen as timeless and professional. If these traits fit your brand, consider testing out a warm palette in your new graphic designs.

4. Minimalism Paired with Bold Color Choices

If warm hues aren’t your vibe, consider going the opposite direction with bold accent colors. Some businesses and products desire a pop of color to bring their brand to life. Try pairing a bold color with a minimalist design to tap into one of 2019’s graphic design trends.

Pairing a clean visual with a bright color can help you go a long way without the clutter. Less can be more when it comes to design, especially if the chosen colors speak for themselves.

Don’t be afraid to test out bold colors in your designs. Changing colors keep designs fresh and flexible.


Make a Name for Yourself: 5 Brand Development Tips Worth Trying

Did you know that it takes 10 seconds for people to form an impression about a brand?

If you only have 10 seconds for people to form an impression about your business, then you need to make it a positive one.

With the help of brand development, you can make sure your brand is recognized.

Read on to learn 5 great tips.

1. Who are Your Clients?

One of the first things you need to do when thinking about developing your brand is identifying who your clients are.

As a brand, you know that your product is not for everybody. If you want your business to grow, it’s important to identify your clients early on.

Brands who narrow down their target audience often see faster growth. This is because they can be more specific about their efforts and resources.

Those who have a broader target demographic use up more marketing efforts.

2. Create a Brand Development Strategy

Once you identify who your target audience is, it is time you develop an overall business strategy.

For example, start thinking is you plan to grow it organically. What type of brand do you want?

Where do you want to start? Once you get a broad sense of where you see your brand, you will have a good starting point.

3. Learn More About Your Target Group

The next step in your brand development plan is learning more about your target audience.

You need to understand what their needs and priorities are. Most brands also need to make sure their audience understands their message.

If your target audience doesn’t understand what you’re trying to sell, then you’re doing something wrong.

4. Decide a Marketing Strategy

As you develop your marketing strategy, you need to think about how to send your message loud and clear.

Having a strong marketing strategy ensures the most exposure and visibility. Remember that visibility and reputation go hand in hand.

This means the goal is to increase your visibility at the same time as your reputation. Brands that don’t focus on both at the same time often see disappointing results.

5. Design a Name, Logo, and Tagline

If your business is not new, you don’t have to change your name. However, it would help to change it when the mission of the brand has changed.

New brands don’t have this issue since they can start everything from scratch.

Whatever the position of the brand is, remember the name, logo, and taglines are a way to communicate information about your brand.

Because you want to communicate with your clients, it’s important to do a few test runs to see which logos your audience identifies with the most.

seo content marketing strategy concept search engine vector illustration

5 SEO Trends to Close out 2019 With

When you get into the swing of a good SEO campaign, keep your eyes open for things you could improve on.

Using SEO for growth is important, and continuing to grow requires that you keep up with user trends and preferences. We’re going to discuss some areas that you should focus on in 2019.

Things change over time, and what worked last year might not work as we roll into 2020. So, keep an open mind and take in a few of the following ideas.

SEO for Growth: Trends for 2019

Make sure you’ve established a solid groundwork for your SEO campaign before you think about the more specific things. Some of the ideas in this article will be broad, while some will be more particular.

Take each as you can, considering where you’re currently sitting in terms of SEO development.

1. Understand Media Preference

Your demographic likely has a particular sort of media that they enjoy engaging with. Things are polarizing, and different social sites are establishing groups and their preferences in terms of media.

Audio, text, images, video, memes, listicles. These are all forms of content that rise and fall as time moves, and it’s important that you keep up on how your audience is responding to the variety.

Keep a close eye on your Adwords metrics as you put out different forms of media and see which ones work best.

2. Mobile-First

Google is getting increasingly mobile in its approach to search rankings. Google is in the process of shifting toward a mobile-first indexing process, meaning that your mobile sites are the ones that will compete in the SERPS.

This doesn’t mean you can just neglect your desktop pages, but consider beefing up everything mobile on your site.

3. Go In-Depth with Content

Google’s artificial intelligence is increasingly good at noticing the inherent value of content. If your content is uninformative and over-optimized, you aren’t going to see results.

Start seeing the depth of content as a feature of optimization. Good content will be rewarded, as always.

4. Keep Your Reputation Up

As buzz generates around your brand, good or bad, search engines have begun to sniff out how that should affect your search rankings.

Even if a mention of your site is totally separated from your content, Google can use it and factor it into your search rankings. So, if people are speaking highly about you, or about you at all, that will come into play in the SERPS.

5. Don’t Forget Amazon

If you’re a business that sells goods online, you must be present on Amazon. People are migrating to Amazon to handle their shopping before they browse Google in a lot of cases.

This means that the site has become a sort of search engine for online shopping. Keep that in mind and explore your options for optimizing on Amazon.

Need to Beef Up Your Image?

We hope that you can use some of these tips on SEO for growth. Keep in mind that branding and image are coming into play more regularly in terms of search engine algorithms and results.

If you’re in need of a little brand-polishing, check out the services we offer and see how we can help!


6 Principles of Clean Website Design

Web design is becoming one of the hottest careers out there. In fact, it’s considered one of the best-paying entry-level jobs available.

But there are keys to developing a clean website design.

Wondering how to design a website like the pros? We’ve picked out the top six web design principles for expert sites. Read on for the elements that the best-designed websites share.

Why a Clean Website Design Matters

The modern consumer lives on the web, but a browser’s attention span tends to be short. In fact, less than half of all internet users spend more than 15 seconds on a page.

That means businesses can benefit from a clean website design that keeps customers on the site. Good website design can cut down frustration and keep people coming back for more.

Wondering how?

Here are the pro-approved web design basics:

1. Focus on Simplicity

It can be tempting to add lots of complex elements and features. But this can lead to distractions and a frustrated user.

Using a simple, clean website design can keep the site fresh. It usually makes it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for as well.

2. Seamless Navigation is Key

Internet users stay on websites longer when they can find what they’re looking for with ease. A key staple in web design basics is the three-click rule. This means users should be able to get to the info they need within three clicks.

It’s a good idea to boost navigation through things like clickable buttons.

3. Consistency Matters

Good websites should have a consistent theme and look throughout. This helps reinforce a brand, and it improves the user’s overall experience. That means keeping consistent fonts, font sizes, and heading layouts.

It’s a good idea to plan out things like color schemes and styles right away. From there, stick to the plan with everything from menu bars and fonts to buttons.

4. Pick Typography with a Purpose

Text can control a user’s experience. No matter how snazzy a website looks, if readers can’t read the text they’ll get frustrated.

Focus on fonts that are easy on the eyes and readable. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to things like keywords to boost SEO.

5. Center Around Communication

The best-designed websites remember why users are visiting websites. Users want information. That means it’s crucial to communicate clearly and effectively.


Focus on organizing information through headlines and subheadings. Take advantage of bullet points, and try to cut down wordy sections.

6. Optimize Layout

This means paying close attention to how info sits on the page. Use things like the F Pattern. This design takes advantage of the natural way viewers scan a screen.

It’s also smart to make sure the site’s design is scalable and set up for a solid mobile experience.

More in Website Design

These six principles of a clean website design should map out the basics for a user-friendly site, but we have more professional solutions for website design.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 6.15.32 PM

Time for a Change: 4 Signs You Need a Logo Redesign

It takes just 10 seconds for someone to make up their mind about your brand.

If that’s all you get, you better make those 10 seconds count.

When potential customers see your logo for the first time, you need to make a lasting impression. An outdated logo can leave them thinking you’re outdated, too.

If you’re unsure if it’s time for an updated logo, we have you covered. Here are four signs it’s time for a logo redesign. With a new logo, you can make an impact that lasts with customers for a long time to come.

1. You’ve Grown Out of It

Companies change over time. You might add new products or services to your offerings or step into a new industry.

Your company logo should grow as you do. If your tagline, offerings, or even the company name has changed, it’s probably time for a logo redesign.

2. It Breaks the Brand

According to this research, color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent.

After a few years, you might decide to update your entire brand with new colors, fonts, and visuals. If your brand is using new visual elements, your logo deserves an update, too.

Otherwise, your marketing materials will start to clash. Customers might even have a difficult time recognizing your company.

The right combination of creative materials can help your entire corporate identity stand out. People are also more likely to recognize a brand that remains consistent across print and digital materials.

Instead of breaking the brand, a logo change can help your entire brand make an impact.

3. New Audiences Are At Play

If you’ve expanded your business, chances are you’re attracting new customers too. In fact, you might choose to target a new demographic.

A logo design can help you attract this new target audience.

Your competition might change, too. If they’re up-to-date with the latest design trends, it can make your logo look behind the times. A logo refresh can tell clients you’re keeping up with the competition.

4. It’s Just Plain Old

If your logo was created in the 80s, a logo redesign can bring you into the 21st century. Otherwise, an old outdated logo tells customers your company hasn’t changed since the Internet was invented.

Design elements develop over time. Your old logo might not work well for a mobile-optimized website or social media platforms. With a logo refresh, you can make sure your logo appears crystal clear on any device.

Remember, this sends a sign to your competitors, too.

A new logo tells everyone you’re stepping forward, whether it’s with a new marketing strategy or fresh offerings.

4 Signs You’re Long Overdue for a Logo Redesign

Take a look at your logo. Then at this list. Now back at your logo.

If you can identify with any of these points, it’s time for a logo redesign… consider making a change. A new logo can help you attract customers with a brand that makes a lasting impact.